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Who Are We?

We are Lee-Anne & Jusnier ('Turbo' to his friends).
An English/Cuban couple who know Cuba like the back of their hands, and would like to share their first-hand knowledge with you!

Lee-Anne & Jusnier Blanco - Cuba Rocks!

Helping you discover the REAL Cuba!

Photography in Cuba

Do you like looking for that unique shot?

Cuba is a photographer’s dream!

If you wish to photograph somebody, always ask their permission and respect their decision if they decline.  In Havana Vieja, several Cubans are dressed up especially for tourists to take their photo.  They expect a tip!  Do expect to pay them, chat to them, but don’t give them more than 1CUC.

Special Permits

Occasionally some historical sites have a charge for taking your camera on site, and others prohibit cameras altogether. Often flash photography is prohibited (even if you have bought a permit). Rules for video cameras are usually more restrictive than for still cameras. Video cameras may have to be declared to customs on arrival.

Digital Cameras

If you are using a digital camera, ensure you have an adequate supply of memory cards. Someone we know in Viñales, and a few photo shops in Havana can burn memory cards onto CD, but do not delete any images from the card until you have seen the CD on a different computer. Take spare batteries. Two sets of rechargeable batteries are best, so one set is always full. Don't forget to take the charger as well as a travel plug adapter.

Forbidden Pictures

DO NOT take any pictures of military installations or personnel. Similarly be cautious if photographing bridges, dams, or anything else of strategic value. Many communist countries are sensitive about such things and photographing them could be seen as suspicious.

Travel Photography Tips & Advice

So sorry! not quite there yet with this section, but more coming very very shortly...