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Who Are We?

We are Lee-Anne & Jusnier ('Turbo' to his friends).
An English/Cuban couple who know Cuba like the back of their hands, and would like to share their first-hand knowledge with you!

Lee-Anne & Jusnier Blanco - Cuba Rocks!

Helping you discover the REAL Cuba!


What’s the Internet like in Cuba?

The Internet in Cuba is limited by the very slow speed of the line.  There is currently NO Broadband in Cuba, therfore you'll be re-introduced to dial-up speed (remember that?)

Are there Wi-Fi Hotspots in Cuba?


Can I use my Mobile Phone in Cuba?

Whenever we go to Cuba, (which is currently about two or three times a year), we always take our UK mobile phones with us, and use our UK SIM.

We both have a contract with Orange, (basically because we live in Rural Suffolk, and it’s the only network that gives us a signal in our house!)

We both currently have iPhones, (but I’ve had an android in the past without problem)

Once we arrive in Cuba, the sole network provided for Cuba (Cubacel) finds us almost immediately we turn our phones on, and welcomes us to Cuba. We then receive an SMS text from Orange telling us about their roaming charges for Cuba.

Will my mobile phone work in Cuba?