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We are Lee-Anne & Jusnier ('Turbo' to his friends).
An English/Cuban couple who know Cuba like the back of their hands, and would like to share their first-hand knowledge with you!

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Costs in Cuba

What sort of costs can you expect in Cuba?

Remember Cuba is a communist country, and small private enterprise has only recently been authorised.

Money In CubaWhat little is allowed is either heavily controlled and heavily taxed, or clandestine. Please be sensitive to our Cuban friend's situation, and do not ask them to do anything which could compromise their rights.

Cuba isn't a cheap county to travel around (it's not India !), although it is reasonably affordable.  In cost terms - think of it more like a Western European country.

There is a dual economy in Cuba, where tourists pay for 'luxury' items in tourist prices in CUC Cuban Convertible Pesos, and locals can pay for essentials in CUP (Moneda National). If a Cuban wants to buy a 'luxury' item - they too will have to pay in CUC.

Havana and the tourist places tend to be more pricy in Cuban terms - you will expect to pay more in Havana than elsewhere in Cuba.

 Help plan your trip to Cuba. Personal Itinerary & Trip Planning to Cuba

General Costs in Cuba


Approx 25-30CUC each per day (£16.49- £19.78).

If you are sharing costs with a friend, eating street food (paying in CUP) & staying in Casa Particulars and limiting your excursions,  taking public transport and using local pesos CUP as much as possible. Speaking Spanish will increase your chances of saving money.

But you're on holiday!  


Approx 30-40CUC each per day (£19.78- £26.38).

Going on ViAzul busses (or even getting the odd Taxi ocationally), eating & staying in Casa Particulars or Paladares (privately owned restaurant) -but having an odd meal out too.  Going out on a few day trips - (horse-riding, cycling, museums, the beach, the bar, salsa lessons etc), and having the odd mojito (or three).

Staying in Hotels - Mid range

Approx 40-55CUC each per day (£26.38- £36.27).

Going on ViAzul busses and Taxis, eating & staying in a mid-range hotel (3 star - like Hotel Jazmines), going out on a few day trips - (horse-riding, cycling, museums, the beach, the bar, salsa lessons etc), and having a pretty nice time at the bar.

Staying in Hotels - Top-end

Approx 50-65CUC each per day (£32.97- £42.87)

If you prefer to rent a car, eat & stay in a better hotel, going out on lots of day trips - (scuba diving, deep sea fishing or the Tropicana), and being greeted at the bar like an old friend!



Accommodation Costs in Cuba


 For a double room inc breakfast, mid season, in a mid-range hotel (3 star like Hotel Ermita).

Casa Particulars

  - (Home Stay, Guest House, Bed & Breakfast, B&B)

20-35CUC for a room
(£13.16- £23.08).
You can cut this figure in half by sharing with a roommate, since prices are by the room, not by the person. Rooms can usually accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child - (not 3 adults).

These cost up to 35CUC for a room (£23.08) in Havana in the high season and down to 15CUC (£9.89) in Viñales in the low season.

The Casa Particular's area great inexpensive way to experience the country and Cuban life.  You get to actually live with a Cuban family, and always with private toilet and shower.

Back-packer type Hostels

There are no back-packer type hostels yet in Cuba.



Camping sites are not generally available in Cuba.

 There are sites called Campismos, which are generally parks containing little cabins - a little way out of town.  Initially they were intended for Cuban Families only, but some now allow foreigners to stay (but not all - so check).


Meal Costs in Cuba


Approx 13CUC each per day (£8.57).

This will buy you a good breakfast, (expect to pay about 3CUC) and good dinner (about 8CUC), in a Casa Particular or Paladar, with 2CUC left over for a street food snack at lunch.

You can cut this figure in half by eating only street food - (but there's not a lot of variety and peso pizza everyday can get quite tedious)


Approx 20 CUC each per day (£13.19).

This will buy you the same good breakfast & dinner in a Casa Particular or Paladar as before, but maybe beef or lobster in the evening, and 5CUC(£3.3) for a sandwich or spaghetti at lunch.



Approx 30CUC and upwards each per day (£19.78 and upwards).

Breakfast in a state-run restaurant will be about 5CUC. An evening meal run restaurant will with a starter, dessert and a tip and you're looking at something in the region of 20CUC. Fancy a sandwich or spaghetti at lunch-time? Add another 5CUC.

Drink Costs in Cuba

Drinking is considerably more affordable than eating- Hurray!

The following is a rough guideline for drinks bought in Polo Montanez bar in Viñales. Prices in restaurants and hotels are likely to be more (depending on the location).

  • Half litre of water - 1CUC (£0.66)
  • Can of local soft drink - 1.10CUC (£0.73)
  • Can of local beer – 1.50CUC (£0.99)
  • Mojito – 2.50CUC in the bar (£1.65)

Expect to pay in the region of 3CUC (£1.98) for a cocktail in a hotel bar or one of the bars in Havana Vieja but nearer 6CUC (£3.96) for your Mojito or Daiquiri in any of the Hemingway haunts such as La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana.

In the bars in Havan Vieja the music is usually free and the musicians will pass the hat around - a 1CUC (£0.66) per person would be OK - and they will try and sell you a CD of their music for about 10CUC(£6.59).


Travel Costs in Cuba

For tourists, there are several different transport options, and prices to go with them.


Local Busses in Havana

You can hop on and off these in Havana and pay local fares. But The busses are CROWDED and you will probably end up waiting a long time.


Children under 12 years of age travel half-price on Víazul buses


You will not be allowed to buy a bus ticket at local prices.

A 20% cheaper option is the Astro bus, this bus has, officially, per route 2 seats for foreigners. 

Hire Car

Car hire in Cuba is not cheap!

Car hire cars start at about 52CUC (£34.29) a day for the smallest Hyundai Atos - to 154CUC (£101.56) a day for an Audi A6.

Cuba has recently imported a number of Chinese 'Geely' cars for the rental market. On average you will pay a weekly rental of 343CUC (£226.2) for one of these cars.


To/from the airport 25CUC (£16.49) each way

From Havana To Viñales 100CUC (£65.95) each way

From Viñales Plaza To Hotel Ermita 2CUC (£1.32) each way

From Viñales Plaza To Hotel Jazmines 3CUC (£1.98) each way

From Viñales Plaza To Hotel Rancho San Vincente 5CUC (£3.3) each way


This is a little risky since for a normal Cuban it is forbidden to give un-licenced taxi service to a foreigner. It might happen you get stopped by the police, the driver gets a fine and you get kicked out of the car.


Other Costs on Cuba

Airport Departure Tax

Don't forget you must pay 25CUC(in CUC) departure tax .


This costs 6CUC (£3.96) per hour.  Please don't spend all your time in the Internet - You're on Holiday!

Further details of internet in Cuba


Museum entrance: 1- 5CUC(£0.66 - £3.3)

Many museums and attractions offer a 50% discount for children under 12 years old.