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Docuements & Visas for Cuba

What documents do you need for Cuba, and where do you get them from?

visa cuba

What essential documents must you have for Cuba? What shouldn't you leave home without? Money/Tickets/Passport? Yes, but what else???


Help plan your trip to Cuba. Personal Itinerary & Trip Planning to CubaPassports

Check your passport. It is a standard requirement for entry into Cuba that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you complete your travels. If your passport has only a few months' validity or only a few pages remaining, it may be wise to apply for a new one before you set off. If you need to apply for a new passport, make sure you do this well in advance of your travel date.

In Cuba you will need to show (and sometimes leave) your passport when checking in to hotels, hiring a car or scooter, buying airline tickets or changing money.

I strongly recommend that you take a photocopy of your passport. Keep this information separate from your passport. If you lose your passport you must report it to the local police and the British Consulate in Havana.

Visas for Cuba

You will need a Tourist Card (“Tarjeta del Tourista”) to enter Cuba, which must be bought in the UK in advance.

Tourist cards are usually valid for 30 days. This can be extended for another 30 days in Cuba. For your own safety and freedom of movement, a copy of the tourist card together with a copy of your passport must be kept on you at all times - particularly when travelling outside of the main towns.

You must keep this card for when you exit Cuba.

Tourist cards can be bought easily from the following website for £15 plus an admin fee of £5 www.visacuba.co.uk,

or directly from the Cuban Consul in London http://emba.cubaminrex.cu/Default.aspx?tabid=16379

*Cuban immigration does NOT stamp your passport, (they stamp your visa (trajeta de embarque) instead), so if you are worried about having a Cuban stamp in your passport and not being allowed into the USA afterwards, don’t be!


Travel Insurance for Cuba

Make sure your travel insurance is up-to date and double check that it gives you sufficient cover for Cuba (see below). You may also need specific cover for expensive camera equipment or diving. Most insurers require a local police report to support claims for loss of or damage to personal property.

*IMPORTANT NEWS - From 1 May 2010 all travellers - including Cubans living abroad - are required to hold comprehensive travel insurance including medical insurance before travelling to Cuba.  

You will be expected to present a copy of your insurance on arrival in Cuba.  

Insurance should be valid for the full duration of your stay in Cuba and should cover medical evacuation by air ambulance.  You should check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you all for the activities you want to undertake. In exceptional cases you will be able to obtain a policy from Cuban insurance companies at your port of entry. For more details of these changes please see the Cuban Foreign Ministry website’s information for travellers to Cuba : http://www.cubaminrex.cu/.


To make things easy for you, we have teamed up with two Specialist Travel Insurance companies.

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Buy Cheap Travel Insurance for CubaEndsleigh Travel Insurance:- policies (both the essential and comprehensive) offer air transport repatriation if it is medically necessary.  (Which is the key requirement of the Cuban Government).  For the small print, follow this link, and go to the top of page 15. https://secure.endsleigh.co.uk/HostDocs/PolicyBooklets/SINGLE/current.pdf



Buy Cheap Travel Insurance for CubaIf you are over 74 years old and planning a trip to Cuba (hats off to you!)  - you may want to check out this company:- Avanti Travel Insurance:- offer a travel policy which includes travellers up to 85 years old, which offers repatriation arrangements including a nurse/doctor escort where medically necessary. (Which is the key requirement of the Cuban Government)