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Who Are We?

We are Lee-Anne & Jusnier ('Turbo' to his friends).
An English/Cuban couple who know Cuba like the back of their hands, and would like to share their first-hand knowledge with you!

Lee-Anne & Jusnier Blanco - Cuba Rocks!

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What's the Internet like in Cuba?

The Internet connection in Cuba is SLOW, so please be patient. It is NOT Broadband.

If you are using ETESCA, you will buy a 1 hour internet card for 6CUC (approx £4.50). This gives you an account number and PIN, and you can visit the internet as often as you like. The card is valid for 1 month, and your time will be logged automatically as you use the card. The ETESCA card may (or may not) be used in the ETESCA offices, in some towns they do work and in others they don't!

It is not unusual to have to queue for a terminal.


WiFi in Cuba

There are very very very few Wi-Fi hot spots in Cuba, and those that do exist are very very SLOW! Do not rely on finding a WiFi hotspot in cuba.