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Car Hire in Cuba

Do you want to know the best places to rent a car in Cuba?car hire in Cuba

Our guide to car hire in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

It's quite easy to rent a car in Cuba.  It gives you flexibility to go wherever you like whenever you like, but it's not the cheapest of options, unless there is a small group of you travelling together.

Most of the hire cars are now imported Chinese models. They are modern and comfortable.

Some companies offer different pick-up and drop-off points, which can be useful, but they will charge for this option.

Car Hire in Cuba

If you are travelling to Cuba and want to enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you feel like it, then car hire in Cuba is a great idea. Car hire in Cuba is not cheap but if you can afford it, it may be well worth it. Also, if you are going to Cuba as a small group of three or four people then splitting the price of the car hire in Cuba may make renting a car almost as cheap as travelling by bus in Cuba.

Car Hire Prices in Cuba

Car hire agencies generally only hire their cars to foreign tourists in Cuban Convertible Pesos CUC. Because of the economic sanctions against Cuba, there isn’t a great choice of cars available, so for the price you’ll be paying you may be a little disappointed at the hire car given to you. There is a  limited variety of mainly Chinese, Korean and Japanese hire cars available including saloons or small jeeps.

You can expect to pay around £34 a day for a compact hatchback car, such as a Hyundai Atos, going up to about £127 for an Audi A6 2.4 automatic. Minivans are available to rent for about £108 per day.

Demand for Car Hire in Cuba

The demand for hire cars in Cuba almost always exceeds supply, so it’s always best to book your hire car in Cuba in advance to travelling to avoid disappointment. Otherwise, you may have to wait up to a week to get a hire car in Cuba.

Car Hire Agencies in Cuba

There are several car hire agencies in Havana, which may be the best place to rent your car from. Always check your hire car for prior damage before signing the car hire agreement in Cuba; otherwise you may be stuck with the bill for somebody else’s damage.  Make sure the fuel tank indicator is full when you are given your hire car in Cuba as the rental price is supposed to include a full tank.

Car Hire Policies in Cuba

You will need a valid driving licence from your home country. You will be expected to leave a 150CUC- 500CUC (£98.04) deposit with the car, which will usually be on a refundable credit card. (see section on Credit Cards in Cuba). Any traffic fines you incur whilst renting the car will be deducted from this deposit.

Many car hire agencies in Cuba accept major credit cards as an alternative to cash.